Save time

Just search the contact and select the number or add it to your favorites for one-touch dialing

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Integrated directory

Bring your Cisco Personal Address Book and update it easily, with the integrated search find any contact

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Easy to configure

Requires no technical knowledge or intervention of the system administrator

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Call with one touch to your frequent numbers

If you frequently call a number, add it to the favorites list

Call any contact easily

When you want to call someone in your contacts use the integrated search to find it and from the details screen touch the phone image to start the call.

Remote keypad for other numbers

If the number you wish to call is not in your contacts, enter the number in the keypad to remotely initiate the call

Complete directory in your hands

Carry your office's Cisco Personal Address Book and sync with one touch

Directory always updated changes reflected immediately

Easily add any contact from your iPhone to the Cisco Personal Address Book, or edit the existing contacts.

Search in one place for iPhone & Cisco contacts

With the integrated search, find a person is simplified regardless of whether is an iPhone contact or a Cisco contact (Personal Address Book)

Easy config. Set up yourself

Simply enter your network credentials and ask the system administrator for the IP address of Cisco server (CUCM), and the app selects the first device and automatically synchronize contacts.

Requires no special permissions in your account, it is only necessary to have a device linked to your account.